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Facility MIS houses all of your data - giving stakeholders instant access to real-time school performance. It is hosted within a server on your site, for cloud-based software, read about our Progresso system.

For students and parents, Facility MIS enables a proactive approach to learning by tracking grades and targets throughout term-time. With a single sign-in, it gives school staff all the vital learner data they might need during their day.

Keep on top of learner progress

Guardians have their own login to securely view grades, progress, attendance and behaviour. This means parents can see how their child is doing at any time. This approach to learner data allows guardians to become more involved in their child’s education and give them the tools to take a proactive approach to helping studies outside the classroom.

Students can also use the software to see their grades throughout the year, instead of just at the end of term. This encourages them to take more ownership of their education.

Manage data effectively on one program

Facility MIS is a customisable single database that manages the important information for performance analysis across age groups and levels.

By using individual student analysis, whole school data and live analysis, staff can find the data they need to build in-depth reports for school leaders and parents. This lets staff identify and intervene if there are any areas of concern.

School leaders can also automate day-to-day school processes, allowing assessment tracking, attendance monitoring and timetabling to be organised easily.

Create personalised reports at any time

Staff can use the reliable data stored in Facility MIS to demonstrate the progress of their learners, show improvements in attendance, or see whether certain groups are performing better than others.

These can be presented to governors, parents and inspectors at different times during the year. For school leaders, tailored reports show what effect strategies have had on students, how learning has benefited and what the next steps are in their continual improvement.


  • Single sign-in secure entry
  • Student information
  • Real-time reporting
  • Online data access
  • Secure individual login
  • Behaviour management
  • Document storage
  • Absence records
  • Community engagement
  • Put the power of Facility in your hands with Emerge for Facility

Dartmouth Academy

Dartmouth is an all-through academy for students aged 3 to 19. Its vision focuses on individualised learning for pupils – with targets and processes for them to achieve their goals in life. Dartmouth Academy chose Progresso as the management information system (MIS) solution which would support their academy with their aims and ambitions. The Academy passionately highlight that their MIS needs to be a tool for learning.

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