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Progresso is our cloud based management information system (MIS). It puts the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time, and helps schools to drive learning.

Can you say the same about your current MIS? Is it a learning tool or a data storage system? If it is holding you and your learners back, that is the compelling reason you have to consider what is a significant change.

Teachers, parents and senior leaders, can get instant access to up to date information about individuals and groups of learners.

As a cloud-based system, Progresso saves schools and academies money on expensive onsite hardware and time, removing the need to manage software upgrades and back-ups.


Improve learner outcomes

Progresso puts schools in control of their school data. Simply put: You can run your school your way. Progresso will provide you with the freedom to interact with your data and not limit you to your current MIS’s capabilities.

Schools can quickly input, monitor, track and evaluate learner progress against school Progress 8 targets and individual learner targets. Progresso takes an anywhere, anytime approach to data and this information can be shared with leaders, other teachers and even parents on any internet enabled device. This gives an up-to-the minute view of each learner’s progress.

For Multi-Academy Trusts, this information can be shared and viewed across sites, no more long email chains, spreadsheets or even paper reports sent between schools.

Progresso tools allow teachers and senior leaders to explore and interrogate their school data intuitively, swiftly identifying areas of concern, allowing them to intervene to resolve those issues.


Be ready for inspection

Ofsted often requests accurate data be presented thoroughly and quickly during their inspection period.

When Ofsted come calling, you can be confident that Progresso gives you the latest information

All stakeholders can securely access real-time analysis and student information from anywhere, using any device. This includes data on assessment and progression, attendance and behaviour. Pupils can be grouped by any criteria, such as those receiving Pupil Premium.


Free up teacher time

With Progresso, staff can create a range of the most popular school reports to inform all stakeholders of attendance, assessment and behaviour of individual learners.In addition to this Progresso provides unique insight to enable effective pupil tracking or to highlights trends or patterns across the school.

This functionality can be completely customised for each individual school or academy, making sure staff can track any aspect of learner’s development.

Progresso allows teachers to teach and learners to learn.






Progresso contains a complete range of MIS modules. These are all contained in the application, no bolt-ons or additional fees for extra functionality.










Learner and staff profiles


Dashboards and Widgets


For partners we also provide an Application Programme Interface to enable Progresso to talk to other applications in use in schools.

The Isle of Portland Community Academy (IPACA)

“Above everything, accessibility was the most important factor in terms of us requiring a cloud-based solution. We wanted all staff, parents and students to be able to log in from wherever they were at whatever time, using a range of mobile devices.

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